This happens to the best of us. It also happens to me. That moment when after singing along with a song, perhaps after years of belting it out in front of others, it's pointed out to you that you have the words all wrong.  The latest is when something came up in the news about a fire started by a flare gun and Bill mentioned it was just like in that old song "Smoke On The Water." Turns out the real line is "but some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground." I know it makes no sense, but I always heard it as "but some super with a prayer gonna burn the place to the ground."

Some of my more memorable lyric failures include Elton John's "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" where the line "I can't find oh the right romantic line" was, I always heard it in my head as "I can't climb oh the Rocky Mountain climb."

A truly terrible one was "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones. The opening lines are actually "Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, sold in the market down in New Orleans." What did I always hear it as? "Coco said she found a pot of beans, sold them in a market down in New Orleans."

Then there was my years long epic fail of believing the Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy" was saying "Hey Genessee". Yes, like the beer. Yes, even though the very title of the song was Jealousy. Yes, I thought the girl he was singing about was named Genessee. No, I never paid attention when the title of the song was said on the radio.

Let's not forget my misheard lyrics in Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". The correct lines are "hot ashes for trees, hot air for a cool breeze, cold comfort for change, did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?" I heard this as "heart after the trees, heart after the cool breeze, cold comfortable change, did you exchange a walk on part of your walk for a leaf roll in a cage?"

Finally there's Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Real lines, "Load up on guns bring your friends, it's fun to lose and to pretend, she's overboard self-assured, oh no I know a dirty word." My lines? "Load off the cot beam your friends if I'm too loose to pretend, she's always bored self-assured another lonely dirty girl."

Yeah yeah, I know. Shut up. What are some of your most misheard lyrics?

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