Regardless of how you feel about the current cast or direction the writers are taking their skits nowadays, if someone you admire is hosting or performing on Saturday Night Live, you're going to watch. If not live, then definitely on DVR or online later.

I hadn't seen a full episode of SNL since I was in high school but I made it a point to record the finale of the most recent season because Mick Jagger was both hosting and performing.

Today, NBC announced the hosts and musical performers for the first three shows in the upcoming season. Check it out:

Sept 15th premiere: host Seth MacFarlane and music from Frank Ocean.

Sept 22nd: Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns to host for his second time, and Mumford & Sons will be on hand as musical guest!

And Oct 6th: Daniel Craig will host with Muse returning for their second time as musical guest.

I'm sure by the time we reach the season premiere on September 15th, we'll know more. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with speculating. Who would be your prime candidates for hosting and performing on SNL this season?

My top pick for hosting would have to be Steve Carell. Steve is hilarious when he's just standing still. I'm not sure if he's ever hosted before but I think he would be a great fit. I would also love to see Derek Jeter get a shot at hosting again. I remember watching his episode live years ago. He was hilariously awkward on camera and made for a lot of laughs.

Aside from my obvious pick of Bruce Springsteen, I think my top choice to be a musical guest would be Alicia Keys. Not only is she talented but she's also amazing looking as well. The Foo Fighters would also be cool to watch. They performed one song with Mick Jagger last season and they rocked the stage. To see them perform twice would definitely be a treat.

Who would your top choices be for host and musical performer on the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live? Let us know in the comment section below.