Jeff Deminski shares his thoughts about the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

Damage from Sandy in Ortley Beach (Township of Toms River)


Jeff in a video by the National Association of Broadcasters about radio's role during Superstorm Sandy (YouTube)

If there's one thing, one memory, I'll carry with me forever about Sandy, it was the resilience in our listeners' voices.

More than the sleep none of us got on the cold hard floor of the radio station as the power went out, more than the governor's taking charge of the situation, more than the worry of how my own kids were doing without me as they hunkered down in our condo with their grandmother to watch them, and more than the incredible images that started coming out as we learned how much worse it was than we had hoped, I will always remember the tough attitudes of New Jerseyans.

People using the radio station as the lifeline it is in such times, calling in to tell us where they knew of a shelter, calling to ask for help for an elderly relative, calling to offer their own homes to the displaced, all sounded shell shocked to some degree.

But through that, beneath that, I will never forget the attitude that said this is bad, this is really bad, but it's not bigger than us.