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1) Do you feel a woman who was working during the Old Bridge Pathmark shooting has a legitimate case to sue law enforcement agencies due to her pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life?

2) Would you still buy tickets for the 12 12 12 Concert from scalpers….knowing that a portion of the money isn’t going to where it’s intended?

3) Celebrities Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck will be filming in Princeton for an upcoming movie. Have you ever had any brushes with celebrities and how’d that go over?

4) Cory Booker on 'Face the Nation' said he's still considering run against Christie. Do you feel he should go for the Governor’s seat, or the Senate Seat in 2014?

5) Would you rather see the boardwalks on the shore be made of wood or something else?

6) Legislators want shore towns that accept federal beach-replenishment money to do away with beach tags…Do you feel that shore towns that accept federal money for beach replenishment not charge to use the beach?

7) How big a fan are you of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' …fans spend more than $1 billion on the video game in two weeks…or is there any game you’d prefer to have over that one?

8) Hobbit Nausea: Dizzy Movie Making Fans Sick? What movies have made you sick?

9) There’s a story of 3 women who ate at a California restaurant, and when they got the bill, they were referred to as ‘fat girls’ on receipt. The manager of the place offered to take something off the bill…. Should the fat girls not have had to pay at all? And were you ever treated douchey whenever you’ve gone out to eat?

10) Roxbury may have the reputation as smelliest place in New Jersey? Where do you find some of the worst smells in New Jersey?

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