At his town hall in Middlesex County Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie said Sayreville and neighboring towns will be on the top of the list for home buyouts due to damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Chris Christie holds his 104th Town Hall in Middlesex. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Sayreville resident Elaine Konopka "begged" for a buyout during Christie's Q&A session, indicating that it has been nearly 150 days since Sandy made landfall in New Jersey.

"I know it takes time, but you have to put it in high gear," she told the Governor.

Christie announced last week that he's asking the federal government to green light $250 million so the state can buy homes in flood-prone areas. He expressed hope at today's town hall that approval will be granted by April 5.

"The money is coming, and we're going to be in Sayreville with a buyout," Christie told the crowd. "I want to go to the places where people want out, rather than go to places and force people out."

Christie said he's been to Union Beach where more residents are interested in rebuilding than fleeing.

He said homes need to be removed in certain Middlesex County areas where flooding is "an epidemic," so that when another major storm comes, all that's flooded is a soccer field.

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