As the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, New Jersey has made tremendous efforts to repair, rebuild, and prepare for another possible hit from a hurricane at some point in the future. In a five-part series we take a look at what would happen if the Garden State took another direct hit in the coming weeks or months.

  • Part 1: Are We Ready for Another Superstorm?

    In the first part of a five-part series, we take a look  at whether we are ready for another major storm.

    Ortley Beach business (Mark Wilson, Getty Images)
  • Part 2: NJ Shore Towns Scramble to Rebuild Dunes After Sandy

    Following the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy almost one year ago, municipalities up and down the Jersey Shore are recovering, rebuilding and preparing for another possible storm. In part two of our five-part series we hear the answer right now is ‘no.’

    Beach dunes (Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)
  • Part 3: NJ’s OEM Prepares for Another Superstorm

    A look at efforts being made by the state Office of Emergency Management to be ready for a future storm of Sandy’s magnitude in the third part this series.

    Governor Chris Christie meets with Office of Emergency Management, cabinet members and senior staff in preparation of Hurricane Sandy (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)
  • Part 4: NJ Not Ready for Another Superstorm: Report Finds

    In Part 4 the findings of a new report on just how prepared we are for another superstorm are examined.

    Mario Tama, Getty Images
  • Part 5:Will NJ Ever Really Be Ready for Another Hurricane?

    In Part 5  find out if the Garden State truly is prepared for another hurricane such as Sandy.

    Governor Chris Christie meets with Office of Emergency Management about Sandy. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)