Same sex marriage is slowly making it’s way to television with writers broaching the subject on series finales where it’s a funny solution to a situation involving heterosexuals.  


Rules of Engagement wrapped up it’s run with a series finale in which David Spade’s character Russell Dunbar, after sabotaged his assistant’s chances of staying in this country by messing up his work visa then reconsiders and decides to marry him just to keep him here. The comedy here is that Dunbar is a ladies man who spent the series trying to score with women.

When Boston Legal ended it’s run in 2008, main characters Alan Shore played by James Spader marries Denny Crane played by William Shatner so that he could better care for his dying friend who has Alzheimer’s and to share Denny’s wealth without the gift tax. (The local chapter of the Gay and Lesbian League, fearing the union would fuel the rightwing belief that hetero couples would exploit same-sex marriage for tax breaks, tried to put an injunction on their marriage license, but the judge ruled that the government doesn’t — and shouldn’t — ask couples why they’re marrying.)


Now that television’s made a mockery of gay marriage, do you think we will ever see the day when TV will have the guts to put on a show involving 2 gay characters involved in a real marriage?


Perhaps if a network did it, people may start watching them again. It wouldn’t have to be a serious show, it could even be a sitcom. Perhaps Modern Family’s Mitchell and Cameron could take their “partnership” to the next level. As Shatner would say, a gay marriage would “boldly go where no man has gone before”  What are your thoughts? Discuss below.