Naima Mnasri, a Muslim woman from Elmwood Park, has filed a complaint against a Saddle Brook factory where she briefly worked for telling her to take off her headscarf known as a hijab. It was her second day on the job in the factory when a supervisor "singled her out" and told her she had to remove her religious headscarf because it was a safety issue.

It is a plastic vitamin bottling company and presumably has a lot of machinery a hijab could get stuck in. According to, she informed her supervisor that it is a fundamental part of her religion that she wears the headscarf as she is "an observant Muslim," according to the complaint. The supervisor restated that she needed to remove the hijab so she went over that person's head to a floor manager who again told her she could not wear it according to safety rules. The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations file the complaint with the EEOC on Mnasri's behalf.

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