When I heard the story about Ryan Lochte trashing a bathroom and lying about it at the Olympics, I knew he couldn't possibly be from Jersey.

A Jersey guy after a night of drinking wouldn't be caught dead in a Rio bathroom. He'd be peeing on someone's lawn, which could be an Olympic event if the games were held here! Just ask the residents of Point Pleasant! I kid.

Then again, a Jersey guy wouldn't be that stupid. A Jersey guy is a stand-up guy who would have told the truth and dealt with the fallout. That's what we do.

Basically Lochte's just a kid who after a night of partying lied to his mother about it. We've all been there. The only difference is our mothers never then told Fox News.

The fallout continues as Lockte's losing endorsements including Ralph Lauren and Speedo, The hope here in Jersey is the swimsuit company doesn't replace him with Big Joe Henry. Try getting that visual out of your head!

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