Rutgers University says its latest Internet outage is from the same kind of "denial of service" attack that crippled campus computer systems earlier this month.

High Point Solutions Stadium (Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

The Internet went down around 10 a.m. Monday on campus. Many online functions were still unavailable to students, faculty and university staff members more than 24 hours later.

University officials say they are trying to restore service. According to an email sent to students on Tuesday morning from Don Smith, the school's Vice President of Information Technology, says the school is continuing to work on restoration of services.

Rutgers technicians had to restore Internet service following a cyberattack at the beginning of the month that began on a Friday. Service on and off campus was not completely restored until Tuesday.

The outage is proving to be more of an inconvenience this time as finals are approaching and students are having trouble completing projects and presentations. There are also deadlines for applications for housing and classes and course sign-ups leading students to vent their frustrations on Twitter.  "Rutgers system gets hacked the day I'm supposed to register for classes," tweeted @Adri7995. "Thankful that I go to Rutgers, where the Internet gets hacked monthly," tweeted @SydneyPannella.

The FBI is investigating the earlier incident.


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