The Rutgers grease trucks are legendary for their culinary delights. Sandwiches that have been given colorful names like “fat bastard”, “fat Darrell”, “fat cat”, etc. have been scarfed down by many an undergrad after a heavy night of partying.

And now those same sandwiches will be making their way to other parts of the state.

According to this:

You're a fatty. Mike Dey knows.
"We're all fatties at heart," he said.

Dey, 32, opened Fattys exactly two weeks ago at the busy corners of Morris and Spring streets.

He said he hopes his sandwiches — long rolls stuffed with munchies like mozzarella sticks, french fries and chicken fingers and given funky names — capture some of the magic he felt the first time he ordered from the famed RU Hungry grease truck at Rutgers University.

With menu offerings such as the Fat Cat, Fat Sam and Fat Koko — all Rutgers grease truck staples — Dey said he wants to bring the New Brunswick feel to Morristown.

But by featuring different concoctions he created with the help of hungry friends, and offering uniform prices — each so-called fat sandwich costs $8.75, and all drinks are 32 ounces — Dey said he believes Fattys will set itself apart from the area's dining scene.

"If you keep it really simple, and good, and consistently stick to your guns and be in the right spot," he said, "your menu can outlast any trend."

Open from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day, Fattys — which goes by the slogan, "Every day is a cheat day" — also offers breakfast sandwiches and deep-fried desserts all day. Those concerned about their diets do have an option: there's a vegetarian "fat" sandwich available, too.

Dey, of Parsippany, said he decided he wanted to open the restaurant after driving down Morris Street with a friend — a former Rutgers graduate.

He still remembers his first time at a grease truck at Rutgers. He said that was in September 1998. "It changed my life," he said.

Perhaps without that visit, Farleigh Dickinson University student Nick Core wouldn't have stuffed down a Fat Mikey around 2 a.m. one day last week before shocking his friend, Jake Hazen.

Core, his styrofoam tray empty, looked at Hazen. "That was a pretty good snack," Core said. "I could probably have another."

I love the slogan, "Every day is a cheat day"!

Imagine, though, for a second, if it were; and you could cheat any time you wanted to.

Sort of like in this scene from the 70s classic film, “Fatso”, starring Dom DeLouise.

We all have our favorite “guilty pleasure meal” or “guilty pleasure snack.” Something that will make the scales tip to “tilt” and the cholesterol zip up to a thousand.

What’s your’s?