Police arrested four Rutgers University students during a rowdy off-campus street party last weekend, where people brawled and set couches and mattresses on fire.

New Brunswick police say they arrested three students Saturday, and Rutgers police arrested another student while dispersing a crowd of more than 500 people.

Overall, 16 disorderly-related summonses were issued by New Brunswick police.

Authorities said officers were hit by bottles allegedly thrown by partygoers, and people set furniture on fire. Photos and video show police in riot gear carrying pepper spray.

It took officers three hours to bring the scene under control. No injuries were reported.

Two Rutgers students were charged with assaulting police officers. Police said one of those students threw a plastic bottle at an officer then resisted arrest. The other was also charged with weapons possession.

All four students were charged with rioting. Three were charged with disorderly conduct, two with obstruction and failing to disperse and another with underage consumption of alcohol.

Videos of the party posted online showed people drinking on porch roofs. They also show partygoers fighting among themselves with some being thrown to the ground.

New Brunswick police are reviewing video footage and said more charges could be filed. Rutgers police said they are working to identify individuals who were seen burning a couch in the street.

The street party, dubbed "Delafest," apparently was an outgrowth of Rutgersfest. The annual concert was canceled two years ago after university officials decided it had become too dangerous.


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