A handful of Rutgers men's basketball players voiced their opinions on the scandal that rocked the university over the past ten days. They also showed support for who they want as their next head coach.

Susan Kelley, mother of a freshman on the Rutgers men's basketball team, speaks in support of interim head coach David Cox (Townsquare Media)

"Even though the stuff on that tape looks bad, we never felt threatened," said forward and sophomore Kadeem Jack.

"The things seen on those tapes weren't as, you know, as people made it out to be," added Wally Judge, another team forward.

Mike Rice, their coach for the 2012 season, was fired last week after video surfaced of his behavior during practice. He was seen cursing and throwing basketballs at players on the court.

The incident also resulted in the resignation of the school's athletic director, an assistant coach and a university lawyer. Rutgers' leadership has been under fire because Rice was not dismissed when officials first saw the video late last year.

The players' comments on College Avenue also included plenty of praise for interim head coach David Cox, who was named associate head coach in 2010.

Judge said Cox has supported the team through the recent turmoil and should lead them into the future.

"We feel like we're in a predicament where we need someone that we can trust, and someone who has stood by us before," Judge said. "Coach Cox has been there, and that's the guy that we will continue to lean on."

Susan Kelley, the mother a freshman player, also read a statement in support of Cox.

"Coach Cox needs to remain an integral part of the trainwreck, sinking ship that is now the men's basketball program," Kelley said.