So we all pretty much by now know the story of former Tennessee women’s volleyball coach who’s under fire as incoming Athletic Director at Rutgers for verbally and emotionally abusing her players back in the 90’s among other allegations.

As she was being considered to assume the post held by the deposed Tim Pernetti, the University paid 70 grand to check on her background.

Money well spent, you ask?

According to this: Rutgers on April 8 hired Parker Executive Search to advertise the AD position, identify candidates and perform background checks on them.

Laurie Wilder, executive vice president of Parker Executive Search, who signed the three-page agreement, declined an interview request for this story, saying in an email, “We do not discuss our clients publicly.’’

However, a volleyball player from the University of Tennessee team that alleged verbal and emotional abuse by new Rutgers athletics director Julie Hermann has taken to her personal blog to defend her teammates.

The accusations came less than a month after a report broke that new Scarlet Knights men’s basketball coach Eddie Jordan was hired without having a degree, though Parker Executive Search was not involved in that hire.

“My job is not to run Rutgers,” Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday night. “These are their decisions. They decided to hire Eddie Jordan. They decided to hire Julie Hermann. And now they have to deal with the questions that are being raised.”

Four years ago, Rutgers appointed Parker Executive Search for a fee of $58,000 plus expenses to identify candidates for the AD position. The result produced 70 candidates, which was whittled down to three finalists, including Tim Pernetti, who accepted a settlement of $1.2 million on April 5 to leave the Rutgers AD post he had held since 2009.

As the university sought to replace Pernetti amid the fallout of the Mike Rice men’s basketball player abuse scandal, Rutgers again turned to the Atlanta-based search firm to identify candidates.

Given the allegations against her, it certainly doesn’t seem as though either a) they did a lousy job in checking her background; or b) the Board of Governors was in such a hurry to put the appointment to rest that they decided to go with a woman Athletic Director despite her background.

I’m voting B.

However that doesn’t answer the question as to whether you’d attend any Rutgers sporting events or have your kids play under her administration.

So the Posse Poll asks:

Would you attend or allow your son or daughter to the school to play a sport?