Nothing stands in the way of progress.

However, if you’ve been accustomed to your late night “fat Darrell”…you’ll have to look for it in a different place in the near future.

Rutgers University's governing board approved a $295 million deal today to buy part of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary and redevelop other university properties to build a series of classrooms, apartments, dorms, retail space and parking lots in the center of the New Brunswick campus.

The plan includes moving the grease trucks — the beloved food vans that have become an institution in Lot 8 on College Avenue — to make way for an apartment building.

The building will have a spot for a grease truck-like restaurant on the ground floor, campus officials said. 

The rest of the grease trucks will have to apply for permits to set up shop in other parts of campus, said Antonio Calcado, Rutgers vice president of university facilities and capital planning.

Rutgers will partner with Devco, the New Brunswick Development Corporation, on the project.

"Devco recognizes the importance the grease trucks play in the history and culture of Rutgers.

As part of creating an exciting urban space on Lot 8, Devco fully intends to work with the grease truck vendors to incorporate them in the new project," Devco said in a statement.

I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m thinking that the Rutgers Board has been trying to get rid of the grease trucks for some time now…and this is there way to do it! Do you believe the developer will work with the Grease Truck owners to find them another space on the campus...or do you feel as I do, that this if the college's way of finally getting rid of them?

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