You start to read this article on the lunch trucks which have faithfully served Rutgers students for decades and something seems askew.  The lunch trucks want to be there.  The students want them there.  Even Rutgers says don't blame us, we're not trying to make a change or force them out.  So what's at work here?

First, you should know that these grease trucks, now offering classics right down to the world famous Fat Darrell, have been a presence since the 1960's when they used to park along College Avenue.  New Brunswick banned the trucks from city streets in the early 90's, but Rutgers stepped up and offered their campus parking lot as a permanent place to serve.  They've been there ever since.  So what's the problem?


Turns out some reps from PepsiCo finally noticed that the trucks were selling Coke products and under a long standing contract only Pepsi products are supposed to be sold at Rutgers. PepsiCo is saying that even the parking lot is considered covered by this contract.  So yeah, believe it or not, this all comes down to soda wars.  Really, PepsiCo?  Really?  It's not the entire problem, you can read more here.  I'm now too hungry to explain the rest.