My cheeseburger odyssey around the state of New Jersey continued this weekend with another stop at a listener recommended establishment. This week it was Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson, and I must say, the cheeseburger was excellent.

Their signature burger comes smothered in mushroom and onion sauce but since I’m limiting toppings to better compare burgers in an “apples to apples” way, I just had cheese and bacon on mine. It’s really a nice sized burger (10 oz.) and was cooked just how I ordered it: medium. The burger had a nice char to it and it was very juicy; the meat wasn’t too chewy like some places, and the bun was nicely toasted, without getting too hard. All in all, a terrific burger and it definitely goes in my top three (along with Tiger's Tale and Cassville Tavern).

I still have half a dozen places or so to try, but if you know of a place that you feel has the best cheeseburger in New Jersey, let me know.