What better way is there to get the message across about the impending snow than to do it in song?

That’s what Roxbury Superintendent Patrick Tierney decided to do. He enlisted a group of boys from the Roxbury High School Choir to sing Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” while he made announcements about the coming snow and its effect on the coming school days.

In light of the impending snowstorm this week, Roxbury Superintendent of Schools Patrick Tierney enlisted the help of the Roxbury High School choir — and channeled Billy Joel — to help deliver a light-hearted weather-related announcement over YouTube.

"Hello Roxbury, it's me again, your favorite superintendent, Patrick Tierney, with an important message regarding school Thursday and Friday," he said in the video. "I know, I know, you haven't heard from me for the longest time … "

A group of teen boys from the Roxbury High School Classic Sounds Choir provided backup to Tierney in the video by singing Billy Joel's "The Longest Time."

"Based on weather reports of anticipated inclement weather on Thursday, Feb. 13, it is likely school may be cancelled," Tierney said in the video. "School on Friday, Feb. 14, is no longer an early dismissal and is now a full day. However, be prepared for a possible delayed opening on Feb. 14, depending on weather conditions."

Tierney then thanked the Roxbury High School Classic Sounds Choir for helping with the announcement.
"And remember, be safe, Roxbury," Tiernery said.

One has to wonder – were he to leave the district - how he’d announce that!

Possibly to have a backup group do Joel’s “Movin’ Out?”

Just sayin….