Route 206 commuters will have not be able to cross Stony Brook in Princeton at least through Tuesday.

Crews worked all weekend to repair cracks and voids within the stone arches that support the 224-year-old bridge but the work has gone slower than expected according to New Jersey Department of Transportation spokesman Keith Israel. Route 206 is closed to through traffic headed north at Carter Road and southbound at Georgetown-Franklin Road (County Route 518).

The DOT began a project last week to replace a collapsed parapet, a low protective wall, on the southbound side of the stone bridge and began putting concrete barriers at the north and south entrances to the bridge. That work has been stopped to repair the cracks.

New Jersey Fast Traffic's Bob Williams said that Route 206 and other roads when traffic was moving one direction at a time across the bridge last week was slow before the full closure on Friday.

"The side roads being used as detours took on lots of extra traffic. People had a tough time getting out of their neighborhoods," said Williams.

"The traffic demands on this little bridge have finally taken its  toll. Let's hope that a short term repair can be made without the need for a long term detour," Williams said.

The bridge, located at Quaker Road in Princeton is a National Historic Landmark and is New Jersey's oldest bridge. Located in the Princeton Battlefield and Stony Brook Historic District, it was last rebuilt in 1916 and carries 13,200 vehicles daily according to the DOT. Any repairs to the bridge need to fall within historical guidelines.

Princeton Police and the DOT have marked the following detour:

  • Route 206 southbound will make a right onto Georgetown Franklin Road/CR 518, a left onto Hopewell Princeton Road and a right back onto Route 206 southbound.
  • Route 206 northbound will make left onto Carter Road, a right onto Georgetown Franklin Road/CR 518, and a left back onto Route 206 northbound.

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