Among other things on the docket tonight - where's your favorite Jersey watering hole, now that a favorite among the 1015 fraternity, the Irish Pub in Atlantic City, has sustained damage when an SUV plowed into the front of it on Sunday?

Here's some other stuff we'll be looking at:

Christie Visits Camden School and Touts Feeding Dinner to Kids - Is This the School’s Job? [POLL]

Sen. Schumer to Introduce 'Avonte's Law' - Do You Favor Providing Tracking Devices for Autistic Kids? [POLL]

Should Malls be Required to Stage Lockdown Drills to Prepare Themselves in the Event of a Mass Shooting?

Would you support legalizing the recreational use of pot in New Jersey? One lawmaker says he will introduce bill to legalize it.

Daft Punk and Macklemore Top the Grammys – Which Artists Will Still Be Around in 10 Years? [POLL] (Was there a standout performance in the show?)

Ever gotten flack for dating or marrying outside of your own. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's son sparks uproar by dating non-Jewish Norwegian.

Ever Deliver a Baby in an Unusual Place? – One Baby Was Born Outside on a sled!

If you were a drug offender sentenced to drug court, do you feel you were better able to get your life back on track – or would you rather have gone to jail?

Roxbury 9 Year Old Hearing Impaired Girl Inspired by Seahawks' Derrick Coleman: Ray’s Ray of Hope!

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