Tonight, as is our habit, when it snows, we talk about the snow. And along with that, just some of the ancillary topics regarding snow, such as the following:

Who has the hardest job in the snow?

How much longer is your commute in the snow?

If you had to give this storm a name, what would you call it?

Do you use snow tires and chains to get around?

Which is the worst snowstorm you’ve lived through and do you feel snowstorms were worse back in the day?

Besides Bread and Milk, what all is on your snowbound menu?

Regarding the “hardest job”, much love has to go out to road crews that keep us moving. But not everyone shares in the props we give to anyone operating a snowplow.

I have listened to you and have loved 101.5 for many years...however, my complaint is, w/ you and ALL TV stations.....when you interview the plow drivers, like they are under a hardship. They are in a heated truck making at the least....$50 an hour.

I have a horse farm and am plowing in an open no cab tractor, around the clock. Any farmer type people put in ungodly hours for not only no pay and horrific physical conditions, but we lose money. I have to close my horse farm to my clients during this time.

Income from lessons cancelled, gone forever. I have same opinion about John Q Public being interviewed about how cold they are going from their car to where they work.....INSIDE!

Maybe you should interview the people who have to work OUTSIDE in their own businesses and are therefore not even getting paid for it. Horse farm people, agricultural farm people.....that's who you should be interviewing.

As you can tell.....BIG pet peeve of mine. Thank you for listening to me as I listen to you. Guilene (pronounced Guyleen) Mallard. Good Times Farm, Freehold, NJ

Thanks Guilene! Naturally one gravitates to the snow plow operator in weather such as this. Again, were it not for them, we’d be at a virtual standstill.

But it does beg the question: who’s got the hardest job to do when it snows – or, for that matter, anytime the weather’s inclement.

I’m off to catch a few winks – have a little hot split pea soup when I get up – and get ready for a “snowbound soiree” barring any unforeseen difficulties – tonight at 11!