Here’s some of what we’re working on for tonight’s show:

Cemetery Caretaker Wants Lombardi Trophy Brought to Namesake’s Grave – Do you ever visit the gravesite of a loved one, and how often? [POLL]

Should New Jersey Businesses give mandatory paid sick time? Newark city council OKs sick pay for private-sector workers.

Should Public Schools Close for Religious Holidays? [POLL]

Should the toll takers jobs on the Turnpike and Parkway be privatized? Toll collectors plead with NJ Turnpike Authority to save their jobs.

Are school athletes today soft? An investigative report finds that Rutgers football player Jevon Tyree was not bullied by former defensive coordinator Dave Cohen.

Would playing on a team with an openly gay player pose a distraction? A Willamette player is the first to come out in college football as bisexual.

Alexis May - a 'Heroic' 20-year-old who warned a wheelchair-bound woman of house fire – Ray’s Ray of Hope!

Princess the Camel to Be Honored Super Bowl Sunday – Are you more accurate at picking winners than she was?

Roxbury 9 Year Old Hearing Impaired Girl Inspired by Seahawks' Derrick Coleman: Ray’s Ray of Hope!

One Lakewood Family is selling the naming rights to their daughter – How did you get your name?

Your brushes with lewdness - After Crashing Into a Crown Fried Chicken, a Man Strips and Pleasures Himself!

Ever gotten flack for dating or marrying outside of your own. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's son sparks uproar by dating non-Jewish Norwegian!

Ever Deliver a Baby in an Unusual Place? – One Baby Was Born Outside on a sled!

Should someone be charged with a crime for buying Rice Krispies and Oregano instead of pot?
Still Go to A.C. to Gamble? [POLL]

There will be no Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade this year – Which town in Jersey hosts the best St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

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