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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

Christie Apparently Softens Stance to Offer In State Tuition to Illegal Immigrants – Do You Agree with Him? [POLL]

Cory Booker vs Steve Lonegan – Will you be voting despite what the polls say?

Boy on School Bus Punched in Mouth – Driver Does Nothing – Should He Have Gotten Involved? [POLL/VIDEOS/DISTURBING]

The maker of Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews has died – What’s Your Favorite Throw-Back Candy?

Would You Let Your Kid Play for An Aggressive Coach? [POLL] Who was the best coach you ever had?

Have you ever smacked into a deer and how much damage has it caused.
One guy was killed when deer crashes through windshield!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? A 72 year old man lost in the woods for 18 days survived on squirrels and lizards.

Controversial Halloween Decoration Scares One Oklahoma Neighborhood – Over the Top or Simply Creative? [POLL] – What Halloween Pranks did you pull?

Shea Shawhan of Plano Takes on the Bullies and Wins – Ray’s Ray of Hope [VIDEO]

Lakewood Company Sells Sports Supplements Containing Meth-Like Substance – Do You Use Workout Supplements? [POLL]

Macy’s to Open Thanksgiving – Do You Do Anything Special for Thanksgiving – or is it just another day? [POLL]

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