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1) Ever walk in on a burglar while your home’s being robbed? Burglars Hitting Homes During Funerals – Here’s One Way to Prevent Them!

Also, have you ever thwarted a robbery that had been taking place in a store?

2) AAA Says Using Voice Commands Makes You a Worse Driver – Do You Buy It? [POLL]

3) Who’s more reckless, motorcyclists or the cars and trucks that drive next to them? You tell me!

4) Should the use of Social Media be taught in school?

5) Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive Person of the Week – Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive People – Who Was Your Most Memorable Coach?

6) Have you ever been turned down for a job because you checked yes on an employment application asking if you have a criminal record?
Do you feel the box should be done away with?

7) Hertz Leaving New Jersey for Florida – Do You Follow the Job or Look For a New One Here? [POLL]

8) Lonegan vs. Booker – Who Gets Your Vote, or does the Senate Race even interest you?

9) Who has the best ices in Jersey?

10) How much do you bounce for when you go to a wedding? You may become poor if you go to a wedding!

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