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1) Should Criminals be Made to Face Their Victims in Court? [POLL]

2) Should NJ Mandate Businesses to Allow Certain Employees to Earn Sick Days? [POLL]

3) What’s more distracting: Talking on a hand helf phone while driving, or texting while driving, and do you feel the penalties should be the same for both?
I vote NO! Holding the phone while driving is not the same as texting while driving!

4) Should your kids learn about the use of social media in school – Good Idea or Bad [POLL/AUDIO]

5) Visiting the Shore This Year - Do You Feel an Obligation to Spend More Money There Because of Hurricane Sandy? [POLL]

6) Ever had to put a pet down? Is it as emotional as losing a family member? In Brick, a dog attack injures owner, and the victim was flown to hospital, opening up the possibility that the dog may have to be put down.

7) Do you agree with the charges that were filed against the father of the 4 year old kid who took one of his dad’s rifles and shot his 6 year old friend?

Anthony Senatore, the 4 year old’s dad, has been charged with six counts of child endangerment and a disorderly person's offense for enabling access by minors to a loaded firearm.

8) Rod Stewart says that steroid 'addiction' shrank his manhood! Is “size” overrated?

9) Your worst memories of being disciplined by a teacher. One teacher forced a 5 year old student to wear a diaper for 'acting like a baby'!

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