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1) Should a Trenton Postman be fired for letting a civilian into his van for God-knows-what?

2) Is a $10 Tip Enough to Give a Pizza Delivery Driver Who Delivered 85 Pizzas Worth Almost $1,500? [POLL]

3) Edison Man Who Gave the Finger to Cops Collects 20 Grand. Who’s the Bigger Douche?

4) What was wrong with 40/40, J-Z’s club in AC, now that it’s going away, and which ones do you go to, if any?

5) Is one of the worst and thankless jobs you’ve ever had being a bouncer? And if you are, do you side with the bouncer in this incident where one was charged with assault of Brick nightclub patron.

6) Do you feel it’s right to ever intervene when one of your kids is in a fight with another? And do you condone what one mother did, as she stabbed the kids who were fighting with sons?

7) Do you think it’s wise to tap into your 401k to pay bills, and do you feel more financially secure because of the record highs the Dow has been setting?

8) Dopey teacher stories: In Paterson, a Special Ed teacher was arrested and suspended with pay for firing a weapon in his home. And another teacher writes on a blackboard ‘The guns are loaded! Care to try me?’ Should the teacher be fired for doing something like that?

9) iPod Shuffle tonight for Sarcasm Comedy Club tickets.

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