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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Motorcyclist Who Attacked SUV Driver In NYC Accident Arrested – Would You Have Run Him Over? [POLL]

2) How long has it taken you to get back on your feet after Hurricane Sandy…if you’re back on your feet at all?

3) Barilla Pasta, and Chic fil-A –- Do a company's values or beliefs affect your purchases? Why or why not?

4) Lonegan Gaining on Booker in Senate Race – Have You Made Up Your Mind or Will You Bail on the Election? [POLL]

5) Do you feel the Governor is a bully? Chris Christie says 'I am not a bully' in a TV interview.

6) What fast food joints from out of state would you like to see here? Hardee's plans to expand to the Northeast.

7) A sports banner declaring 'One nation under God' was taken down after Madison residents complain. Do you have a problem with the phrase?

8) A family is suing the Atlantic City Police over their son's beating – Ever had to deal with an “out of control” cop?

9) 85-year-old man sues state for driver's license – Should senior citizens be retested every few years? Do you have an elderly parent who doesn’t want to give up their independence?

10) Watch Out for Deer in Mating Season [AUDIO] – What run ins have you have with “pine rats?”

11) Do you think you get enough sleep, and do you take sleep aids. [POLL/AUDIO]

12) Michael J. Fox Says He Wouldn't 'Fix' Parkinson's: Ray’s Ray of Hope

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