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1) Do kids need to learn about PEDs in School? [POLL]

2) Do you believe Anthony Weiner should drop out of the race for NYC mayor! [POLL]

3) Should Summit Ban Parents from School Drop Offs? [POLL]

4) NJ State Police Target I-80 Speeders. Where Are the Worst Speed Traps in Jersey? Which are the most dangerous highways to drive?

5) NJ Turnpike Most Profitable Toll Road in the US – Does it Pay to Avoid it? [POLL]

6) Door-to-Door Postal Service Delivery Might End? Big Deal or Not? [POLL]

7) Cable Company vs. the Program Providers –Time Warner Set to Pull the Plug on Channel 2. What shows would you miss if they were suddenly snatched off the air?

8) Darwin Lewis and Amarilis Rodriguez – Former Inmates Turned Tutors – Posse Positive People of the Day [POLL]

9) Chris Christie to Appear on Michael J. Fox Show – Is He Overexposed [POLL]

10) Character Actor Dennis Farina Dead At Age 69– Who is Your Favorite Character Actor? (thanks Donnie!)

11) Are you having a ‘Sandy Baby’? What will you name the kid? New Jersey hospitals brace for baby boom from Superstorm Sandy.

12) What was the worst thing to happen to you on a plane? Do the recent plane mishaps make you wary of flying?

13) What have you found in your food?

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