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Here’s some of what we’re working on for tonight’s show:

Could you support a law that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with dignity - NJ’s Death With Dignity Act [AUDIO]

Ashes of Possible Auburn Fan Dumped on Field After Saturday’s Game – What To Do With Yours? [POLL]

With the New Toll Hike at Port Authority Crossings, How Much Are You Paying in Tolls?

Pope Francis worked at one time as a nightclub bouncer. How many odd jobs have you had?

How crazy do you get with your Christmas Lights? The World Record For Christmas Lights Set By Australians.

How many times a day do you figure you curse? N.J. ranks third among states with residents who curse the most.

Ever catch yourself zoning out behind the wheel? The Metro-North engineer involved in Sunday’s derailment was ‘consciously asleep’ moments before crash. (Should charges be filed?)

Do you feel your employer should be able to charge your more for health insurance if you’re overweight or smoke?

NJ Lottery Advises Against Giving Kids Lottery Tickets as Gifts – Do You? [POLL]

Waitress at the Gallop Asian Bistro was suspended from job pending an investigation – Should police be involved?

Have you ever gotten bagged by a cop for peeing outside. Drunken man urinated on building, fell on his face while running from Morristown cops.

Your brushes with wildlife – a Raccoon hides in a car and attacks a mom and son – and in Holmdel, a deer barges into a yogurt shop!

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