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Here’s some of what we’re working on for tonight’s show:

Should the Governor sign the N.J. DREAM Act immigrant tuition bill giving illegal immigrants the ability to pay in-state rates to state colleges?

Should the gay former Catholic Schol teacher from Mt. Laurel be rehired? A Change.org petition garners wide support for rehiring Holy Ghost teacher.

Ever gotten into an accident with a person driving under the influence and seen them come away with a mere slap on the wrist? A rich kid from Texas who killed 4 in drunken car crash was spared going to jail.

Ex-NJ Transit Cop Caught Shooting Gun Even Though He’s on Disability Pension for Not Being Able to Hold One - Should He Be Collecting this Pension? [POLL]

Should there be mandatory prison for anyone found guilty of knocking someone out in the 'Knockout Game' bill? N.J. lawmakers introduce measure mandating minimum prison term

In the wake of the first anniversary of the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, do you feel the 911 Calls should have been released to the public?

Should Time Magazine have chosen Edward Snowden over Pope Francis as Person of the Year?

Xbox One or PS4 – which do you prefer. Sales of Xbox One reached over 2 million.

Is it harder to work for a woman boss than it is for a man? General Motors makes history by appointing the auto industry’s first female CEO.

Do you enjoy decorating the house for Christmas or is it a necessary evil?

Your brushes with road rage.

Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for Sarcasm Comedy Tickets.

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