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1) Oklahoma tornado recovery – do you feel compelled to help? [POLL] Also, have you ever been through a tornado?

2) Which music icon’s passing has affected you the most? Ray Manzarek, one of the founders of the Doors passed away.
And check out the reactions on Twitter of other classic rockers to his passing here.

3) McGuire Dix Lakehurst Joint Base cancels July 4 fireworks due to furloughs – is it prudent or Un-American? [POLL]

4) Do you feel the animal rights activists who’ve traveled for miles to get justice for Sammy the cocker spaniel have their priorities mixed up?

5) Anti - Bullying Bill of Rights – does it need an overhaul or done away with? [POLL]

6) Social Media Education Could Become Mandatory – good Idea or bad [POLL/AUDIO]

7) Should a negotiator have been used instead of a cop shooting the armed robber in the incident that killed a Hofstra student? Do you fault the cop? Does this compare to the case last year when a shoplifter took a shopper hostage at the Woodbridge Mall holding a knife to her throat and was shot by a uniformed police officer?

8) Do you still get geeked out over the opening of another Apple Store? One is coming to the Quaker Bridge Mall.

9) What was it that made you get off your ass and lose weight? At an event in Princeton, Governor Christie opens up about his struggle with weight

10) Flatulence Can Be Deadly. Woman stabs boyfriend after he farts in her face during argument.

11) Your worst memories of being disciplined by a teacher. One teacher forced a 5 year old student to wear a diaper for 'acting like a baby'!

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