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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

Woodlynne Teen Arrested for Firing Airsoft Gun at Youth Football Practice – Too much “no tolerance!”

Trending - Middle Township Ordinance Requires Beggars to Obtain Permit – Do You Ever Give to Beggars? [POLL]

Do you agree with the Governor’s stance on same sex marriage?

Do you believe you have a duty to chastise someone parking in the handicapped spot who’s not handicapped?

Kentucky high schools told no postgame handshakes – Do you think banning the postgame handshake is a bad idea?

Washington State Soldier-on-Soldier Stabbing Not Called a Hate Crime - You be the judge….Hate Crime? [POLL]

Minimum Wage Vote One Week Away – How Will You Vote? To raise or not to raise?

A Long Island Middle School Bans Footballs and Other Recreational Items During Recess – but allows only nerf balls – Dopey Rule? What were some schoolyard games you played?

Should we fine parents who smoke in the car with their kids inside - NJ Senator Wants to Fine People Smoking in a Car with Kids [AUDIO]

New Jersey Superstorm Site Deficient in Spanish – Do We Need to Have Bi-lingual Signs? [POLL]

Collecting bras for money - Is it an acceptable way to raise money for Breast Cancer.

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