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Have you ever been ripped off while buying or selling anything off Craigs List: A newly engaged couple was robbed at a restaurant during a Craigslist transaction.

Wacky ways you hurt yourself: An Australian man was hospitalized after inserting steel fork into his penis for 'sexual gratification'

What’s the worst way you’ve been fired from a job? AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong Apologizes for Publicly Firing a Patch Employee. Charlie Manual not allowed to finish the season with the Phillies, Willie Randolph made to travel 3 thousand miles to get fired by the Mets, just to name a couple!

Prank or vandalism? A five-year-old boy and two others were arrested in Trenton for allegedly throwing rocks onto Route 1 Monday evening!

Are you in an interracial relationship, and how much grief have you gotten because of it? One interracial family claims it's been terrorized by disturbing letters for two years. Another interracial couple got beat up over the weekend

Should a 10 year old kid be tried for murder for shooting his abusive father while trying to protect his younger siblings?

How much do you tip when you go out to eat? One restaurant owner says banning tipping improves service! If you’re a waiter or waitress, could you ever work for a place with a policy like this?

Which comedians don’t you get? After shooting HBO's 'Clear History,' Larry David unsure if 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' will return.

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