See you at the Open Space Pace at Freehold Raceway on Saturday following the 8th Race!

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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Do you consider playing multistate games like Powerball and Mega Millions a waste of time and money? Would you continue to work if you won tonight's $400M Powerball jackpot. And who would you give any money to, should you be so moved? (And for those of you playing, we’ll have the numbers as they come across live and on-line at!)

2) Should a child’s lunch be thrown out if their lunch account doesn’t have enough money in it?

3) N.J. Assemblywoman Proposes Law to Encourage Minority Males to Become Teachers – Is This Necessary? [POLL]

4) Call of Duty: Black Ops vs. Grand Theft Auto V – Which Do You Prefer? [POLL]

5) Do you feel the Starbucks policy that Asks Customers Not to Bring Guns Into Stores Anymore is silly?

6) Since Andy Reid is bringing the Chiefs into the Linc to play the Eagles tonight, should he be cheered or booed?

7) Worst job you ever had? An angry driver admits hurling feces in face of a parking enforcement officer

8) Most embarrassing thing you saw someone doing when they thought no one was watching?

9) Should there be mandatory blood tests taken from drivers involved in fatal accidents?
(If, God forbid, you were involved in an accident involving a fatality, would you be willing to undergo a blood test?)

10) Christie’s Act – Will it Play in Peoria? [POLL]

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