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Cape May was recently named one of CNN’s “Can’t Miss” beaches. Do you feel it’s worth the fee, or would you rather travel out of state?

Is “Blurred Lines” a Rip of “Got to Give it Up”? – You Be the Judge [POLL/VIDEO]

A librarian takes a kid out of a reading contest because he wins the contest too much. If a kid wins too much, should he or she be discouraged from winning?

Do you trust ads placed on Craigs List: A newly engaged couple was robbed at a restaurant during a Craigslist transaction.

What’s the worst way you’ve been fired from a job? AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong Apologizes for Publicly Firing a Patch Employee.

Are parents dopey or wise to let their kids have cellphones at an early age?

Did you have a favorite cookie to have with a glass of milk? Double stuff Oreos have been found to be not so!

Do communities with a large percentage of minorities need to have more minority cops? Jersey City seeking to recruit minorities to join police ranks.

Is Pot More Toxic than Alcohol – I Call “BS” [POLL]

Dorm Life – Who Gets Along Easier – Guys or Gals? [POLL]

Would You Consider Waterfront Property in the Wake of Sandy? Do You Feel We’re Ready for Another Big Storm?

Egg Harbor Township mayor priced out of home by taxes – is it worth staying?

How much do you tip when you go out to eat? One restaurant owner says banning tipping improves service! If you’re a waiter or waitress, could you ever work for a place with a policy like this?

Brushes with wildlife - Police issue warning after coyotes spotted in Milltown and wild Turkeys in South Jersey.

Ray’s Back in the Day - What was your favorite amusement park ride from back in the day? The Carousel at Paramus Park Mall is to be removed.

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