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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Rutgers Study Finds Too Many N.J. Students Are in 'Apartheid Schools' - Do N.J. Schools Need To Be More Diverse? [POLL]

2) Have you ever smacked into a deer and how much damage has it caused.
One guy was killed when deer crashes through windshield!

3) Would You Let Your Kid Play for An Aggressive Coach? [POLL] Who was the best coach you ever had?

4) Lakewood Company Sells Sports Supplements Containing Meth-Like Substance – Do You Use Workout Supplements? [POLL]

5) Obamacare Glitches in the System – How’s That Working Out for You So Far? [POLL]

6) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? A 72 year old man lost in the woods for 18 days survived on squirrels and lizards.

7) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs Bon Jovi – Again [POLL]
(Ancillary question – Does hip hop belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Is Rock and Roll the “white man’s music?”)

8) Shea Shawhan of Plano Takes on the Bullies and Wins – Ray’s Ray of Hope [VIDEO] – How have you ever dealt with a bully or bullies?

9) Macy’s to Open Thanksgiving – Do You Do Anything Special for Thanksgiving – or is it just another day? [POLL]

10) Oreos Found to be as Addictive as Cocaine to Lab Rats – Do You Have a Favorite Cookie?

11) How did you get your name – one woman gives birth to son in McDonald’s — immediately nicknames him Ronald

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