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Here’s some of what we’re working on for tonight’s show:

Are you getting screwed by Obamacare - Horizon won't renew health insurance policies canceled by Obamacare?

Would You Mind if Governor Christie Quit as NJ Governor to Run for President? [POLL]

Do you agree with the policy of bringing in Drug-sniffing dogs into Lacey High School and randomly drug testing kids?

West Windsor Drunk Driver Cripples Man and Kills Dog To Get 3 Years Weekend Jail – Is Sentence too Lenient? [POLL]

Ex-NJ Transit Cop Caught Shooting Gun Even Though He’s on Disability Pension for Not Being Able to Hold One [POLL]

Another edition of “What Have You Found In Your Food” – In this installment, a Dunkin’ Donuts customer finds a razor in her croissant!

Obama takes selfie at Mandela funeral. What was the worst behavior you’ve ever seen at a funeral? (Should he apologize for having taken the selfie?)

Xbox One or PS4 – which do you prefer. Sales of Xbox One reached over 2 million.

Trenton man sleeps unaware of knife stuck in his back and refuses to cooperate with police. Is he right for not ratting out his assailant?

Is it harder to work for a woman boss than it is for a man? General Motors makes history by appointing the auto industry’s first female CEO.

If you’re a gamer, the NSA is spying on you – how does that make you feel – more secure or paranoid?

Do you feel the mining of your cellphone data by police is a good tool in the war on crime, or a total invasion of privacy?

Do you enjoy decorating the house for Christmas or is it a necessary evil?

Ever fallen asleep on the train or bus and missed your stop – or worse? A man dozes off during flight, wakes up alone on locked plane!

Your brushes with road rage – Do you feel motorcyclists are more threatening that your average motorist?

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