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1) Jersey Guy Gandolfini Funeral to be Held in NYC Cathedral on Thursday – Odd? [POLL] Is there any other celebrity we should lower the flag for, or do you think we draw the line here?

2) Who Would You Put in the New Jersey Hall of Fame? Among others, Whitney Houston, Bill Parcells and Grover Cleveland to be inducted.

3) Do you feel there’s room for girls to play football in middle school? One female middle school football player was kicked off her team because of her gender.

4) Wallenda Walks the Walk – Why Did You Watch? [POLL]

5) Do you feel increasing the penalties for violating the left lane law is a good thing; or just another way to shake us down? And who are the worst offenders?

6) How many drugs a day are you on, and do you feel there’s a conspiracy between doctors and big Pharma to keep you on prescription medicine?
According to a study, 7 out of 10 Americans are taking at least one a day!

7) Do you feel tolls are too high on the Parkway and Turnpike, and how do you get around them? Local officials demand Parkway toll hike be rolled back for Ocean County residents!

8) An Eye-Opening Study Reveals Most Americans Hate Going to Work. Do you? And what is the worst job you’ve ever had? (phone sales for computer programs.)

9) As a waiter or waitress, ever had an impossible customer, and what have you done about it? A St. Louis sports bar waitress adds an F-bomb insult to a check aimed at a customer’s 3-year-old son on Father’s Day!

10) Do you have a favorite snack cake? Twinkies are set to make a comeback next month.

11) Your brushes with nudity and lewdness – A Naked Woman Was Caught Roaming the Woodbridge Mall on Saturday, and there was also a streakier who disrupted the Warren Hills Regional High School graduation.

12) How many languages can you speak? Do you feel it’s a plus to be able to speak in several languages? The new principal of the Red Bank Primary School is conversant in 3 languages.

12) Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive Person of the Night – Toms River Postman Thwarts Alleged Burglar.

13) Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive People The Wegmans Staff, Customer, and Cops Who Saved an Ocean Twp. Man

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