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1) Belmar Cop Gets Reimbursed for Lost Wedding Ring During Sandy - Do You Still Wear Yours?

2) What do you think should be done with Tamerlin Tsarnaev’s Body? The Worcester police chief is pleading for someone to step forward with a cemetery plot for dead Boston bombing suspect.

3) Fr. Fugee Furor – Will You Still Donate to the Church? [POLL]

4) Was there a house on your block that you called the wacky house? This in light of the Cleveland neighbors reported seeing naked women crawling on leashes, a woman with a baby pounding on a window for help ... but cops walked away 3 times.

5) NRA Takes Heat For Endorsing a Shooting Target that Looks Like a Woman and Bleeds – Does it Promote Violence Against Women? [POLL]

6) Click it or Ticket again – do you buckle up. Hackettstown Police aim to increase declining seat-belt use. Do you buckle up or just view it as more government intrusion?

7) Do you trust your GPS, and has it ever gotten you lost. 8 drivers who blindly followed their GPS into disaster.

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