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1) Organized Religion – Do You Still Practice? [POLL]

2) Do you see anything wrong with kids wearing their pants droopy? Wildwood to vote on droopy-pants Boardwalk ban!

3) Who makes the best ribs in Jersey? And where in Jersey do you find them….North, Central, or South Jersey?

4) Diet soda is just as bad for your teeth as Meth….How much do you drink, and should it be limited like sugary soda is?

5) How often do you give blood, and do you feel monetary incentives be offered for blood donations? One study says yes!

6) Posse Positive People of the Week - Bikers Against Child Abuse and the Bikers that take part in Gooch’s Garlic Run!

7) Mother of Chinese Baby Found in Toilet Pipe Says She Wants to Keep it. Should She? [POLL/GRAPHIC VIDEO]

8) Tornados like the one that devastated Moore, Oklahoma are very unlikely to happen here. But have you ever experienced a tornado?

9) Have you ever bought a knockoff and do you feel that buying them is stealing or is just taking advantage of a bargain?

10) Does your wife make more than you, and does it affect you? According to a report, some men's health suffers.

11) If you’re a bartender, do you find youself taking the keys away from patrons, or calling them a cab? One Manville bar was sued over drunk-driving accident.

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