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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Male Jets Fan Slugs Female Patriots Fan At Metlife Stadium After Game – Was he defending himself or just being a douche? [POLL/DISTURBING VIDEO] Also - Have you ever been involved in a brawl with anyone over a sporting event?

2) After a fight at a soccer match, Scotch Plains Police arrested the parents, and the game was halted! Should parents who fight with each other at kids’ sporting events be banned from attending future matches?

3) Bullying Complaint After Lopsided Football Score – Is running up the score considered bullying or motivation for the losing team to do better next time?

4) Shreddies Ltd. Develops a New line of Underwear That Filters Out Flatulence – Who needs them more? – Your husband or your wife?

5) Yesterday Governor Christie withdrew his appeal of the Superior Court gay marriage ruling – Your reaction – if any?

6) Should a guy who worked at a gas station and halted a robbery with a handgun have been fired from his job? If you were this guy’s employer, would you have fired him?

7) N.J. Accent Rated Among the 5 'Sexiest' in North America – Whose Accent is Sexiest? The most annoying?

8) Facebook Lifts the Ban on Beheading Videos – Should They Keep the Ban in Place?

9) Howell Woman Arrested for Posting Nude Photos of Ex-Boyfriend on Internet – Have you ever had a relationship end badly – and how? [POLL]

10) Do you go “all out” with Halloween displays and does it pay?

11) Boston Area Man Pays Strangers Restaurant Tab After Overhearing Diagnosis – Ray’s Ray of Hope!

12) Macy’s to Open Thanksgiving - Do the holidays mean anything to you anymore? [POLL]

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