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1) Do you approve the use of drones in the skies above New Jersey and of increased surveillance?

2) Do Excuses Get You out of a ticket? Which ones have you used?

3) Bears or Humans – Who’s in the Way of Whom? [POLL]

4) Should a Strange Tattoo Keep You from Getting or Keeping a job? The Old Bridge Pathmark Shooter Had Violent Tattoo saying “God Loves Violence!”

5) The 'White Girls Club' at Franklin High School is being forced to go to counseling. Is more being made out of it than they need to?

6) Is the term “Breaking News” Overused by TV anchors? [POLL]

7) Prom season is here. Kids will party at the shore; and schools are teaching about the dangers of drunken driving. Do you feel they work?

8) Woman kicked Off Plane for Singing “I Will Always Love You” in Midflight –Songs You Sing in the Shower [VIDEO]

9)Do you feel your favorite boardwalk will be ready in time for the Memorial Day weekend?

10) Amusement parks should be opening soon – Which is your favorite roller coaster? (if it’s the Jet Star Coaster, you’re too late!)

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