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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Autumn Pasquale Case - Dante Robinson Let Out of Jail Pleads Guilty to Obstruction – is this a Miscarriage of Justice? [POLL]

2) Does the Trash Talking Ban for High School Athletes Go Too Far? So far 20 High School Athletes Have Gotten In Trouble! [AUDIO]

3) New Jersey’s Best Hot Dog – Where to Find it? [VIDEO/POLL]

4) The Simpsons at 25 – Your Favorite Cartoon Series [POLL]

5) In view of what happened in Nairobi, do you feel malls here in Jersey are secure enough or will they go overboard with security especially now that Christmas season is coming?

6) Do you feel the sender of a text could held liable if they suspect the person they’re texting is driving?

7) Winning the Open Space Pace this Past Saturday in Freehold – What was your Greatest Accomplishment?

8) Giants’ Prince Amukamara Vows to Remain a Virgin Till He Marries – Would You Date One?

9)Restaurant’s Promotion for Our Times — Do You like the idea of Customers Getting a Discount for Turning Off Phones.

10) Ever gotten into a road rage incident by telling another driver not to speed or to put down the cellphone?

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