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1) Bills aimed at making college cheaper for children of immigrants clear hurdle. Should they be allowed to pay in-state rates?

2) NJ Bill Would Collect DNA from Those Who Commit Misdemeanors [POLL] – Should We?

3) Did you have a problem with the NYPD spying on Muslims here in NJ in the past and do you agree with the bill that would require notification to the State Police of other operations?

4) If you’d given up your child for adoption after they were born, do you support or oppose the bill that would give adoptees their birth certificates. And if you’re an adoptee, would you like to see your birth mother or father?

5) Did you ever have a teacher who bullied you? A Bridgewater-Raritan band teacher is said to have bullied and tormented his students to tears. The story of the “Mike Rice” of band teachers!

6) Burglaries are on the rise in Jersey. Has your home been burglarized recently? Do you feel it’s because of the crappy economy, or are drugs to blame?

7) What dopey things have you gotten into a fight over? A fight between two brothers over Mac-and-cheese and spilled beer ends in stabbing! (Link with sibling bullying story)

8) F’d up ways you’ve hurt yourself. In Toms River, a minivan falls on man's chest in Toms River. And in Bridgewater, a landscaper could lose a foot after truck runs over it.

9) What groups would you like to see become current again. Black Sabbath’s new album tops the British charts for first time in 43 years.

10) Ray the Ray Back in the Day – What were some of the games you played in the street as kids? Going on right now is the National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood.

11) New Jersey Organic Burger Joints Coming Soon – Healthy Alternative or Ruining a Good Thing? [POLL] – What’s your guilty unhealthy pleasure?

12) Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive Person of the Day – A Montgomery High School Senior Graduating with 13 Years of Perfect Attendance – Natalie Larson!

13) How bad did you and your siblings fight, and would you call it bullying? A new report finds that sibling bullying is just as damaging [AUDIO]

14) If you’re a vet, how difficult has it been for you to get a job. The Governor recently said he supports legislation making it easier for vets to get jobs

15) Who makes the best Italian ices in Jersey? And do you call them Italian ices or Water ice?

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