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1) Bilingual Cops: Coddling Immigrants or Giving Cops the Tools to Do Their Jobs? [POLL]

2) NRA T-Shirt Gets 14 Year Old the Possibility of 1 Year in Jail – Do you feel this is an overreaction by the school and cops; or is the kid hindering apprehension?

3) Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive Person of the Day – Dr. Joseph Landolfi – Neuro-Oncologist.

4) No Saggy Pants on the Wildwood Boardwalk - Dopey Fashion Statements from Back in the Day!

5) Ever written anything obscene on the check for a summons? Protected free speech, or contempt of court?

6) Have you ever told someone to stop texting when driving, and how did that go over? Jersey drivers admit to shaving, drinking, reading newspapers and more.

7) Who’s more reckless, motorcyclists or the cars and trucks that drive next to them?

8) Who makes the best Italian ices in Jersey? And do you call them Italian ices or Water ice?

9) How much are you going for in car repairs - costs are highest here! And how long do you let the “maintenance required” light stay lit before you bring your car in for service?

10)Ray’s Back in the Day - What Are Your Memories of Summer Camp?

11) Miss Utah’s Brain Fart – Why bother even asking the question?

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