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3) Do you feel that gay men should be allowed to donate blood?

4) Do you feel that tattoos are a legitimate art, or trashy? Ewing is welcoming its first tattoo studio.

5) A study out suggests that most of us are overworked and that the daily grind wears us down? Do you feel you’re overworked, and maybe underpaid?

8) Do you see anything wrong with buying a knockoff? Last week, three Passaic business owners were charged with selling fake designer purses and accessories.

9) Even though it doesn’t affect you under the umbrella of the big and imposing frequency modulated stick…do you feel that blue laws in Bergen County should be repealed. The issue will be going on the ballot in November.

10) Did you even have a childhood crush on a TV star? Annette Funicello, Mouseketeer and film star, died today at the age of 70.

11) The battle of North and South Jersey! Where are the best cheesesteaks in South Jersey? And who’s got the best food….North or South Jersey?

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