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2) Your hospital horror stories: A woman who was mistakenly thought dead opens eyes as doctors prepared to remove her organs

3) Do you feel a person could be fired from a job that demands they look a certain way and don’t fit that image? A Woodbury hairstylist's suit says that her weight got her fired, and now she’s suing for discrimination.

5) Do you believe the “Stronger than the Storm” song is getting you to go to the shore…or will you be vacationing somewhere else?

6) A 19-year-old Hopatcong kid was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old girl he was dating, and the father of the girl reported him to the cops. Do you feel the father did the right thing by going to the cops, or should he have handled things himself

7) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten on pizza. I have a list of the worst things you can put on pizza.

9) What are some of the drive ins you used to go to back in the day? Outdoor movies are still playing 80 years after the first drive-in opened in NJ.

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