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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Flu Shot – Conspiracy or Medical Necessity? [POLL]

2) Have you ever dealt with a cop who you may have suspected has anger management issues? Atlantic City Cop Draws Lawsuit for Use of Excessive Force [VIDEO/GRAPHIC]

3) Almost a year after Sandy…What all has the state done or not done to help you get on your feet?

4) Barilla Pasta, Chic fil-A –- Do a company's values or beliefs affect your purchases? Why or why not?

5) October is National Pizza Month: Where do you find the best Pizza in New Jersey?

6) What do you plan to do with your remains? One woman’s husband's ashes lost in mail. They were to be spread over Florida Keys!

7) Autumn Pasquale’s Parents File Lawsuit Against Parents of Justin Robinson – Should Youthful Offender’s Parents be Held Legally Responsible? [POLL]

8) Customer service horror stories - Ever go off on a customer? - Parsippany police say a Radio Shack worker punched customer for being sarcastic! In what businesses do you find the rudest customers?

9) Brave Jersey City Breast Cancer Patient Shares Her Year Long Battle in Viral Video – Ray’s Ray of Hope [VIDEO]

10) One New Jersey congressman says…. Don't pay us during dispute? Do you feel members of congress’ pay should be docked during the shutdown?

11) Encounters with wildlife - Princeton considers using licensed hunters and trappers to reduce coyote and fox populations – should they?

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