It’s another weekend. Hence the return of The Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle!

38 hundred songs in my iPod, some good, some bad, some totally embarrassing, ranging from Country, to Oldies, to Disco, to RnB, Christmas Songs, ChaChas…Sinatra, Streisand, Michael Buble…you name it.

You know how it works…I put the iPod on shuffle, and whatever comes up, comes up.
Same rules as always. I’ll still give you two shots.

But I also give you the shot at a lifeline. If you can’t guess the first one, either use the lifeline (which will be a clue I’ll devise); and if you don’t get it, just say “pass” and I’ll advance the iPod to the next one.

But you can’t use the “lifeline” option a second time.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Guess either the title or the artist on the song that comes up…and you’ll come away with tickets to the Sarcasm comedy club!

Ray, “el rey de la noche y de la “tuneage”!?”

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See you at 7!