Literally the expression means “to crap down”; or “to crap in one’s pants.”

Grandma would use that quite often to describe anyone who was afraid of his (mainly guys) own shadow.

That’s not the expression I’d use to describe the present Governor.

The former Governor, yes; just not the guy who’s in there now.

Over the last 4 days, Governor Christie’s taken his share of heat for ordering the flags on state and government buildings lowered to half mast to honor the contributions of Whitney Houston.

Without engaging in that tireless debate, the Governor is sticking to his guns; explaining quite eloquently why he’s made that decision.

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote that were he to back down now, he’d loose some cred in my eyes, saying in effect, that the guy I voted for was the guy who’d stand by his convictions, whether I believed he to be right or wrong.

So far, he’s delivered on that promise!

That, if we wanted someone who’d have caved into the public outcry over having made a decision bringing about so much anger; then we would have been better off with the last guy we had in office.

Hence, “caca sott’”… grandma used to say.

One who craps below.